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Indian-run casinos are major employers, generate large tax payments and attract customers from long distances. He then illustrates the ways in which pressure was exerted and the motives for it; he shows that ideological persecution has changed little.

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It was out by 8: The manager of the truck stop said the fire was in a by foot storage building containing fuel additives. Emmett Township officials were at the scene and couldn't be reached for comment early today. No damage estimate or cause was available. The sting was part of a routine police crackdown. Buttafuoco, 39, served 6 months for statutory rape after his affair with a year-old Amy Fisher. Fisher is serving a 5-toyear sentence for shooting Buttafuoco's wife, Mary Jo, in An year-old labor lawyer adult black casino gambling game hosting jack slot web minister from Michigan says he will challenge President Clinton in New Hampshire's Democratic primary.

He represented striking auto workers inran unsuccessfully for the Legislature in and came in last of seven in the Democratic primary for governor. It's called "net profits" accounting. It's standard industry practice, and this is not the first time it has caused jaws to drop. The movie has been hugely profitable for Paramount, Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis, who get a percentage of gross receipts. Paramount says there are none yet. Casada Sail v A. Eplee Robert Schmitzer D.

Rav Frev John M. Report's findings Since gambling started in Sault Ste. Marie inthere has been no increase in serious or violent crime, while unemployment has dropped from 25 percent to less than 6 percent. Sixty-six percent are professional, lpji gambling employees or retired.

Visitors often come to gamble, eat and sleep, then depart without visiting other attractions. The report made two key suggestions: A casino should be tied with other "destination attractions" such as theme parks, shopping or major events. To succeed, a casino should be built within the next few years because casinos soon will reach a common in women, who mostly buy clothing, shoes and makeup, than in men, who tend to purchase electronic gear and clothes, Black said.

But euphoria in the store is followed by disgust when they think about what they've done, he said. The urge to shop can be so powerful that people go bankrupt or lose their job because they were too lpji gambling shopping, he said.

The casino is operated by the same company that has an agreement to build a casino in south central Michigan. It was the first day of a transition period for both departments. The two departments will work together to provide hour protection in the township until the contract takes effect. Bedford has provided 80 hours of service a week since cutbacks in October. Battle Creek Police Chief Tom Pope said all department employees will spend time in the township in the next month.

One officer wDl be assigned on overtime to ride with Bedford's afternoon and night patrolmea "We just want to try to make an effort to have lpji gambling of our staff, if possible, get acquainted with the geography, the layout of the land," Pope said.

He had a history of mental problems. He was tackled within 50 yards of the rear of the executive mansion, authorities said. Modjeski, who remains under, guard at George Washington University Hospital, has been charged with assaulting three Secret Service officers and carrying a firearm across state lines with the intent to commit a felony.

Each carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. Modjeski's grandmother said he had been treated for depression. She said Modjeski had been separated from his wife for a while, but they have since reunited, she said. Modjeski's wife, Rose Mary, told lpji gambling he had sought psychiatric help, The Washington Post reported alcoholism and gambling addiction, citing unidentified sources.

Modjeski's brother, Robert, shot himself to death in Modjeski began work as a Pizza Hut delivery driver in June, but he was fired less than five months later. Study recommends gambling be tied to lpji gambling attractions By Bill Miller Regional Editor A gambling casino planned by an Athens-based Indian tribe would boost the area's economy but should be tied to other attractions, a new report says.

The report by Battle Creek Unlimited staff to its board freeport bahama casino, "It seems very likely. Marie and after other research, BCU officials found that: Indian-run casinos are major employers, generate large tax payments and attract customers from long distances.

Increases in crime are unlike- ly- Battle Creek's accessibility from and would make it an attractive site for a casino. New jobs are mostly at minimum wage, although that doesn't could affect Impact of other casinos Are major employers in their gambling. Generate sheraport la/casino tax payments.

Provide jobs for large numbers of people. Spend money with Michigan suppliers. Attract customers from long distances. BCU, the around argosy casino industrial-development and marketing agency, is reaching out to the tribe and its partners in hopes of helping coordinate their economic development efforts, including a casino.

David Honigman, Lpji gambling Bloomfield, who planned to call Thursday for public hearings on expanding casino gambling in Michigan. He said Wednesday that he might also introduce a bill this fall to permit non-Indian casinos to operate in Michigan. John Engler is reviewing gambling report by a special panel he appointed to study gambling. Engler would have to approve any off-reservation Indian casinos.

But for non-Indian casinos to open, biloxi casinos restaurants Legislature would have to approve a lpji. D Affects 1 to 6 percent of the U. D Appears to be more common in women. Upjohn pill may cure gambling tion. He found that of the 10 compulsive shoppers in the study, nine cut their shopping at gambling in half after they started taking fluvoxamine twice a day.

Fluvoxamine is most commonly used in the United States to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, lpji gambling, a condition marked by intrusive thoughts and irresistible rituals like hand-washing. The study was sponsored by two pharmaceutical companies that jointly market the drug in the United States, Solvay Pharmaceuticals lauberge casino new years eve Marietta, Ga.

Obsessive shoppers who risk bankruptcy to buy things they don't really want or need can be helped by a pill already used to treat other compulsive behaviors, a preliminary study suggests. It's the first formal study of medication for the condition, which has no standard treatment Compulsive shopping or buying affects approximately 1 percent to 6 percent of the American population. Lpji serious cases probably appear in less than 1 percent, said psychiatrist Donald Black.

Your browser is no longer supported. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Get harrhs casino tunica mississippi to this page with a Free Trial. Battle Creek Enquirer i Location: Battle Creek, Michigan Issue Date: Thursday, May 25, Page: Page 1 article text OCR.

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